These videos are the first wave of recorded performances using MERL.
The takes are all completely live, with some minor audio mixing and video editing. 

I really hope you enjoy them. See you,


I have found uncertainty to be an integral part of living. For me, it's very exciting when reflection opens a clearing through the cloud, and tracks can be laid into the future. The flip side of this focus is that it takes you out of the moment and causes anxiety. Slowdown was written to address this necessary dark side of ambition and honed purpose.    

It calms, amuses, inspires, and calms. 


Woman addresses being romantically linked with someone but needing space. The amount of space required by each person is often different which requires compromise.      

"My woman, I gotta call"

I put some lulz in there too ;) 


"And we fall, and it frees our mind up"

This is a straightforward song about embracing mistakes in the interest of growth. 


Round and Round was written to inspire. Doing anything worthwhile takes time, and doing anything new requires pushing through darkness. My most rewarding moments usually arrive after a long spell of effort with little returns.

Here, I reference the legendary Mugsy Bogues to help bring the point home.


Having a great love in your life is wonderful, and what a time to be alive! I find practicing gratitude helps me maintain a positive outlook and persist through stormy spells.